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HOPE IN THE HEARTLAND: Looking for treasure

Gracepoint Church, Peabody

One of the best gifts my family ever gave me was a metal detector. I love to hunt for buried treasure. There’s a thrill that’s unleashed whenever the alert tone sounds the promise of my next great find. One time I found a little cross necklace. I’ve discovered coins, a brass sleigh bell, and various other “stuff” of little value. And, yes, even though the detector has a setting that is supposed to block out things like nails and pop cans, I’ve still uncovered my share of junk.

For some people, metal detecting is an analogy for their lives. They wander around looking for something of value, hoping the next thing will be the one that gives them contentment and happiness. It usually doesn’t.

The wonderful news of the Advent season upon which we are about to embark is that the One great treasure we need most we don’t have to go searching for … He came to find us. It was humanity that was buried under a load of sin, and it was Jesus who came to seek and save that which was lost.

Are you ready to celebrate Christmas?

Last modified Nov. 28, 2012