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Hope in the Heartland

Henry & Edward

Gracepoint Church, Peabody

Henry was a doctor with a sickness: in spite of his good intentions and kind deeds, he still fought with a darker nature living in his soul. He decided to separate the two parts of his identity by creating a drug that would allow his evil nature to temporarily come out and have its way, with the understanding that it would leave his good nature alone.

But gradually he began to lose control of the dark side that was known as Edward. Eventually this consuming struggle between Dr. Henry Jeykll and his alter ego, Edward Hyde, cost him his life.

As human beings, we all are a combination of Dr. Jeykll and Mr. Hyde. We possess dignity because we are created in God’s image, but we also are acquainted with depravity because we are sinful. Both light and darkness are present in our souls. We are capable of incredible good and unspeakable evil. These two natures are at war inside each of us.

Fighting this battle on our own will only lead to death. But we can know the One Who has already won the battle for us: Jesus Christ.

Last modified June 13, 2013