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Gracepoint Church, Peabody

My email account was hacked this week. I awoke one morning to discover that someone had sent 32 emails out between 2 and 4 a.m. I wasn’t a happy camper. So I took the required steps to “fix” the problem, until the hackers strike again.

Our lives were hacked too. Some evil force entered the secret places of our souls and spread death and destruction. And the dirty little secret is: you and I invited the hacker inside. We sinned, and that put out a welcome mat for the devil. The resulting problems can’t be fixed with a password reset. Our heart has to be changed. And only God can do that.

Jesus went to the cross in order to give us the opportunity to be cleansed and invited back into unbroken fellowship with God. Easter is when God declared, “I can give you a new start … a new heart … if you will believe in My Son, Jesus. He has conquered sin and death.”

Each one of us needs to ask God to give us this new beginning. Have you? If so, then Easter means more than it ever could otherwise.

Last modified March 28, 2013