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Hope in the Heartland

God the remodeler

Gracepoint Church, Peabody

We’ve been displaced. Okay, not the terrible lost-my-home-due-to-fire/flood type of displaced, but the someone’s-redoing-the-floors-and-painting-the-bedrooms kind. The point is that it’s been an inconvenient process. Note the key word: process. It took time. And it also took surrendering our bedrooms for the process to be carried out. But seeing the nearly finished result is worth it.

The Christian life is much like that: it’s a process of being made into something/someone pleasing to God. It’s a remodeling of the heart, soul, and mind. Being a disciple of Jesus Christ mean surrendering ourselves to His will and ways.

And that “process” of refinement from worldly-minded to heavenly-minded takes time. It can be uncomfortable and/or inconvenient at times, but the end result is worth it.

Do you trust God to refine, maybe even remodel, your life?

Last modified Aug. 30, 2012