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HOPE IN THE HEARTLAND: Further from the paint can

Gracepoint Church, Peabody

After his first day on the job, a man hired to paint yellow lines down the middle of the road reported to his foreman that he’d painted 3 miles worth of line. The second day he reported he’d only covered 2 miles. The third day his report of only painting 1 mile of line led to his being fired for lack of productivity. On the way out the door, he yelled, “Well, it’s not my fault! Each day I keep getting further from the paint can!”

Some Christians aren’t a lot different from this unfortunate — and unwise — line painter. They enjoy a productive start in their faith, but as time goes on, they walk down the road of life and forget to take their faith with them.

It may be a hard truth for some to hear, but if you feel distant from God, it isn’t God who moved! He didn’t walk away from you; you walked away from Him.

The distance between you and God may not have developed intentionally. It may be a matter of slowly letting your spiritual attention fade…days go by without Bible reading or prayer … your church attendance becomes spotty, etc.

Isn’t it time to turn around and head back to the paint can?

Last modified Feb. 26, 2014