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Gracepoint Church, Peabody

Just outside the window hangs a birdfeeder. Or to put it more accurately — a squirrel feeder. Apparently, the squirrels can’t read because I’m sure this feeder had “bird” written on its tag at the store, and I know for a fact that we fill it with “bird” seed.

However, ignoring the feeder’s intended use, Mr. Bushytail balances himself on the feeder and scoops out the parts he doesn’t like until he stumbles upon the shelled-treasure he’s after — sunflower seeds. And in the process of his search, he manages to empty most of the feed out onto the ground below.

At first I was offended on behalf of the birds. Then I noticed something: the birds are just eating the scattered seed off the ground. They’re not pouting, kicking the seed with their little feet, and then glaring up at the intruder. They are making the most of the situation, and still getting fed.

I want to be more like those birds in 2013. If things don’t go as I want them to go, I want to be able to make the most of the situation. Will you join me?

Last modified Jan. 17, 2013