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Gracepoint Church, Peabody

What is it about God that turns some people off? Does He have a bad personality? Make poor decisions? Is He rude, unloving, or selfish?

All of these things sound ludicrous. But if God isn’t the problem, then why isn’t everybody a believer? The answer is: some people simply don’t want to be. They have their reasons — usually based on some humanistic worldview.

And they have their excuses — which usually have something to do with “the hypocrites at the church” or “the hard passages of the Bible” or a truckload of other pretexts. Often they will dismiss what is clear and knowable because of the small amount of things that are not clear or easily understood.

Then there’s the issues of suffering and evil. “I can’t believe in God because bad things happen to good people,” some say. So I went back to my Bible — Genesis chapters 1 to 3 to be exact — and confirmed something: God didn’t bring evil and suffering into the world … we did.

On Judgment Day, you’ll need something more than excuses. You’ll discover there was no good reason not to have believed. Believe, while there is still time.

Last modified Feb. 28, 2013