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HOPE IN THE HEARTLAND: Churches closing for summer?

Gracepoint Church, Peabody

Summer is unofficially here. With the arrival of Memorial Day weekend, the get-away season is upon us. It’s the season when all the local churches close for three months so that families can travel or just relax on the weekends.

Hold on, I’ve just received an important clarification: Your local church will be open this summer. I repeat, the place of worship that you attend will continue to have services through the months of June, July, and August! This is great news indeed.

However, I’m sure that your church will not have to worry about paying any insurance, utility, or other bills during this next three months so you won’t need to continue your giving. Hold it, I’m getting another message. Folks, it seems that I’m wrong on this item as well. Apparently, the insurance and utility companies do not stop billing in the summer. Oh, dear.

Well, it seems that the church near you will be open this summer, and depends upon you to attend and support it. I hope to see you there. Oh, and I hope you have a fantastic summer of worship.

Last modified May 29, 2013