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HOPE IN THE HEARTLAND: Church:Impossible

Gracepoint Church, Peabody

What if a brawny church expert traveled around with a camera crew, dismantling floundering churches, in order to rebuild them into centers of life-changing Christianity?

He would pull into the parking lot of a struggling church, shake his head, glare at his watch, then gather the preacher and church board and say, “How can you call this a church? I’ve done some investigating and here are your problems.”

He would list off several items in machine-gun fashion, leaving the church leaders with their mouths and eyes opened wide. Then his scowl would give way to a compassionate smile.

“But I know what needs to be done to transform this congregation into a place where vibrant New Testament Christianity flourishes. Let’s get to work!”

Sorry folks, it doesn’t work like that. Yes, we can learn from people who offer time-tested advice or from churches that have experienced renewal. But there isn’t a human Mr. Fixit who can make struggling churches healthy in a 30-minute TV episode.

It takes people seeking God in prayer for — and bringing people to — the congregation they regularly attend. Are you willing to be one of those people?

Last modified March 22, 2012