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HOPE IN THE HEARTLAND: Celebrating true mothers

Gracepoint Church, Peabody

Is being a mother more than the ability to conceive and carry a baby to delivery? What exactly are we honoring on the holiday called “Mother’s Day?” Surely the ability to produce offspring is not the only — or main — thing that led to the observance, began so many years ago.

While it certainly is an incredible miracle for any woman to carry a baby as the child develops in the womb through the various stages of development, the holiday is about much more. Mother’s Day has roots going back to a holiday called “Mothering Day.” It’s true that all mothers have babies; it’s also true that not all mothers “mother” those babies. Some women (or teenage girls) are not committed to child-rearing, just child bearing.

But thanks be to God that there are many women who devote themselves to nurturing the children with which God blesses them. It is those women that are at the heart of Mother’s Day. They sacrifice and serve, teach and train, love and lead their children, never apologizing for the role as a mother.

Thank you, mothers, for everything you do.

Last modified May 10, 2012