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Gracepoint Church, Peabody

Some things are worth mentioning. Yes, I know that the world of conversation is filled with babble that makes your eyes roll back in your head.

Often we mix in really important information in our communications, but the person we’re talking to has already checked-out of the conversation. And they miss the crucial nugget of information.

For instance, at a conference in North Carolina, I learned something important at the main session’s announcement time last night: there are bears here. Yep, the real “hello, I’m a black bear and I’m going to eat you now” kind of bears. The man doing the announcements went through five minutes of other announcements, and just before he was done said, “Oh, and by the way, don’t try to pet the bears or get between a mother and her cub.”

“Yeah … check … no patting or cub snatching regarding the … BEARS!”

It was late in the evening and the other announcements had lulled me into that area circling mental numbness, but I was fully awake at that moment.

When you’re talking to someone about the mundane things of life (weather, sports, etc.), don’t you think mentioning that Jesus died for the sins ought to be an important part of the conversation?

Last modified May 23, 2013