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Gracepoint Church, Peabody

Life comes at us in daily doses of seconds, minutes, and hours. And the monotony of it all can be mind-numbing.

Perhaps that’s why many people are “event-seekers”. They seek steady doses of fun to break up their routine. They can turn everything into a party. And they always want to “go do something.”

Others are “occasion-markers.” These people celebrate any special occasion; and not just the obvious ones like birthdays and anniversaries. They get all jazzed about the first day of spring or whatever season. And they love Hug-Your-Plumber Day or National Goldfish Appreciation Week or S’mores Awareness Month. They celebrate holidays few have ever heard of. And they’re not above creating their own, like “one year ago today I bought my first barbeque grill.” I should have sent them a card. My bad.

Even Christians like events and occasions. But read through the Bible you’ll notice an absence of such an emphasis, except for gathering on the Lord’s Day for worship. We are told to be faithful always, seeking daily bread while taking up our crosses each day. So let’s make each day count, one at a time.

Last modified May 3, 2012