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Hope in the Heartland

A never-ending holiday

Gracepoint Church, Peabody

Easter is over. At least that one specific date that we mark on the calendar each and every year. For some that means putting up the bunny, hoping that you found all of the hidden Easter eggs and snacking on any remaining chocolate around the house.

But for others, even though they enjoyed the past Sunday, and the special activities that went along with it, when it comes to the key realities in their life — nothing is really different. Those people are Christians, and for them it is Easter every day, the resurrected Christ lives all year long. He’s not something that can be stowed away in the attic or basement or hall closet and then pulled out once a year.

He is alive and He lives in their hearts by His spirit. They do not give a token nod of appreciation to him, they surrender their entire lives and eternal futures to him. So for them, Easter is eternal.

And they meet in a nearby church to worship the living Lord every Sunday. Won’t you join them?

Last modified April 4, 2013