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Hope in the Heartland

Gracepoint Church, Peabody

Have you ever read a prayer? If you’ve read the Bible, you have. Sometimes we read, word-for-word, what a character in the Bible says to God in moments of prayer. They there are times when a writer of scripture tells his intended readers that he’s praying for a certain thing regarding them.

Have you ever written out your prayers? There’s something clarifying and powerful about taking pen to paper (or sitting at your keyboard) and capturing the requests of your soul. I had a professor in college that challenged us to do that. I was amazed at how doing it helped me focus on what I was praying. It was very much like writing a letter to God!

From now until Easter, would you join me in trying it? Once a week, for the next five weeks, would you take time to sit down and write out a prayer to God? Read a one chapter of the Bible (begin in chapter 17 of the Gospel of John), followed by reading a prayer you wrote the previous week, and then write a new prayer.

Last modified March 8, 2012