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Hope in the Heartland

Gracepoint Church, Peabody

A man bought a mule from an old farmer. The farmer warned him that the mule would only go forward if he said, “Praise the Lord.” And in order to make the mule stop, the man would have to yell, “Amen!”

The man jumped on the mule’s back and hollered, “Praise the Lord,” and the mule shot off like he’d been fired out of a cannon. The stunned new owner hung on for dear life, white knuckled and wide-eyed. He saw they were quickly approaching the edge of a steep cliff. He panicked and shrieked, “Stop!” The mule kept running.

Finally, remembering what the farmer had said, the man screamed, “Amen!” The mule skidded to a halt just inches from the edge of the cliff. Everything was fine until the man caught his breath and uttered, “Praise the Lord.”

When it comes to handling the Christmas season in front of us, my advice to Christians is to say, “Praise the Lord,” and then hold on tight! Thank God for the gift of His Son. Remember, Jesus came to save us from going over the edge of eternal destruction.

Last modified Dec. 1, 2011