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Hope in the Heartland

Pastor, Peabody Bible Church

God is a best-selling author. Unfortunately, these days not as many people are readers; tragic but true.

In His incredible wisdom, God caused the history and truths of our faith to be put down on paper, thus preserving this revealed faith for all generations.

But why did He cause the Bible to be put in writing? Why do authors write? Some writers write for fame and riches; a goal reached by only an extremely tiny fraction of authors. Obviously, God didn’t cause the Bible to be written in order to get rich. It is hard to mail royalty checks to heaven since the post office usually prefers a more complete address. And even though it may seem that perhaps He inspired the Bible with the pursuit of fame in mind, such is actually not the case.

God didn’t need to depend on publicity from book sales to create His fame because He is already God and there is no other. The Bible truthfully reveals God’s glory and majesty as that which already exists.

So why did God reveal Himself in the written word? Because He believed in the power and purpose of all that He wanted to communicate and He, more than any author who has ever put words on paper, understood the values of capturing and preserving things in writing. God understands His audience and has something valuable, even life changing, to tell them. We are His readership.

So, don’t wait for the movie — read the book.

Last modified May 26, 2010