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Hope in the Heartland

Pastor, Peabody Bible Church

“Open the present,” the small child said, bouncing.

The gift is wrapped in St. Patrick’s Day paper. Daddy found it at the convenience store when he bought the potting soil, giant cards, pine tree air freshener, and refilled his enormous travel mug.

Mommy pulls off the large bow, discovering a packet of flower seeds underneath.

“Let’s plant them in the dirt Daddy bought. They can grow and remind you of me.”

“Thank you. They’re my favorite,” Mommy said, sniffling as she retrieves another tissue.

When Mommy tenderly removes the wrapping paper, the bouncy little cherub shouts, “Rip the paper. It’s OK!”

So, she yanks off the wrapping paper and her child applauds. Mommy raises a trembling hand to her mouth when she sees a frame made with painted Popsicle sticks surrounding a picture of her precious child — kneeling, his little hands folded in prayer.

Then she hears a sweet voice say, “Mommy, I thank God every night for giving me the bestest Mommy in the whole world. I know God hears me ‘cause you and Daddy always say that God loves me.”

Then the little bundle of love jumps into Mommy’s arms and they hold each other tight.

Suddenly, it dawns on Mommy that someone had to buy the seeds and take the priceless photograph. She looks at her smiling husband and he winks.

“We were out of film so I went to the convenience store and bought some — and the seeds, potting soil, giant cards, pine tree-shaped air freshener, and wrapping paper. Oh, and I refilled my enormous travel mug — you know the one our little angel gave me for Father’s Day last year,” Daddy said.

“Happy Mother’s Day. We love you.”

Last modified May 13, 2010