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Hope in the Heartland

Pastor of Peabody Bible Church

Remember that shorthaired woman that would appear on TV holding her head and yelling, “Stop the insanity”?

Well, most people feel the same way inside. We want to escape in order to find some relief from inner chaos. We want peace in the midst of the mess.

People throw drugs, booze, or other vices over the pain like a blanket over a snake. But eventually the snake crawls out, and the pain slithers on.

There is only one solution, the Prince of Peace. Jesus was born in order to deal with our essential need to have peace with God. That craving is the driving force that causes us to seek God or find something else to take His place. It is an urge far more consuming than physical hunger or thirst. It is a burning question in the soul of every person.

Christmas reminds us that God provided the one and only way to have real peace in our souls, and in our world. Christmas assures us that we can find the missing “peace” in a messy world. The source of that peace is Jesus. He is the Prince of Peace who became the price of peace.

The great news is that we can “have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,” Romans 5:1. Because He “made peace through the blood of His cross.” Colossians 1:20.

Are you at peace with God?

Last modified Dec. 10, 2009