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Hope in the Heartland

The enemy on a silver platter

Gracepoint Church, Peabody

David fell to the ground before Saul.

“My king,” David cried, “why have you believed lies about me? I have never sought to harm you. Here is proof that there is no evil or rebellion in my heart.”

David showed Saul the corner of his robe that he had cut off.

Color drained from Saul’s face.

“I could have killed you in this cave,” David continued, “but I showed pity because you are God’s chosen king. Why are you seeking to destroy me? Compared to you, I am merely a dead dog or a single flea. Why are you chasing me? God is the judge between us; therefore I will not seek vengeance on you, even though your life was in my hands.”

A sudden wail filled David’s ears. He could hear the king’s sobs of remorse and words of repentance.

“Oh, dear David, you are more righteous than me, because I have sought to kill you, but you — when you had the chance — did not take revenge on me. You have proven that we are not enemies. May God reward you for the good you have done today. Now I know that God has chosen you to be the next king of Israel and God will make Israel to stand strong and mighty because of you. When that day comes, please promise me that you will deal kindly with my descendants.”

This is the conclusion of a series of columns based on I Samuel 24.

Last modified June 30, 2011