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Hope in the Heartland

Peabody Bible Church

He was hot and exhausted, confused and discouraged. Furthermore, he was tired of running; sick of being hunted like an animal. And now his hiding place in the dank recesses of the cave had been compromised. He watched in wide-eyed surprise as the leader of the army that was tracking him walked closer to the cave’s opening.

A fellow fugitive whispered into his ear.

“Today is the day to stop this nonsense! If he enters this cave alone, we can kill him. God is giving him into our hands.”

David held up his hand to silence the man and watched as the king who had tried to kill him walked into the cave, took off his long cape and laid it across a pile of rocks. Then Saul sat down, reclined himself against the cave’s wall, his eyes quickly closing in slumber.

David clutched the handle of his knife and crept quietly toward his sleeping enemy. He paused, his heart pounding, and looked back over his shoulder into the expectant eyes of the men still hiding at the back of the cave. None of them dared to speak, but the looks on their faces chilled his mind.

David, his body aching from pursuit, his heart saddened that it had come to this, looked back at the sleeping king. He stepped within reach. A rush of adrenaline surged through his body as he extended the razor-sharp blade.

Then, with one slicing motion, the deed was done.

This is part of a series of columns based on I Samuel 24.

Last modified June 15, 2011