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Hope in the Heartland

Home sweet home

Pastor, Gracepoint church

I sat and waited. I had come to the nursing home to visit an old friend after learning that she was close to death. When I arrived and asked for directions to her room, I was told that it would be a few minutes until I could go into the room, so I sat and watched as elderly residents walked or were wheeled through the lobby. Others sat alone or engaged in conversations with those around them.

I couldn’t ignore the thought that there is a difference between living somewhere and being at home.

Soon I was told that I could go see my friend, so I walked down the hall to the room in which she was bed-ridden and outwardly unresponsive. A few second later, I was standing next to her bed, and after speaking to her, I read scripture aloud and prayed. Before I left her bedside, I told her that I would see her again someday; that soon she would be going home.

If she could hear me, I know that she understood what I meant. She was a believer. And even though believers have earthly addresses, this world is not our home. And now that she has passed from this life to the next, she knows fully the true meaning of “Home sweet home.”

Christian, never lose sight of that home which awaits us or the One who will call us there. Then, and only then, will we be home.

Last modified Feb. 17, 2011