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Hope in the Heartland

Remembering the persecuted

Pastor, Gracepoint church

Recently in an area newspaper, a lawyer and human rights activist Saroop Ijaz wrote about a woman who brought water to some fellow farmhands but several of the men refused to drink it. The water was clean but, according to them, she wasn’t. In their eyes, she had become a wicked traitor. Words were exchanged, elevating to accusations and then an official complaint was filed — against her.

Eventually she and her family were attacked inside their home by protesters. Therefore an investigations followed. However, the police investigated her. They arrested her and prosecuted her. Finally, they sentenced her to death by hanging.

What did this beautiful young woman do to earn her death date? Was it because she was a woman? Was it because she was a mother of five children? No, she was not found guilty because of her gender or fertility.

Asia Bibi sits on death row because she is a Christian. In the Muslim land of Pakistan, she is guilty of blasphemy since she believes that Jesus Chris, not the prophet Mohammad, is the only way to heaven.

Around the world today, an estimated 100 million Christians face persecution simply because they believe in Jesus Christ. Just like Christians, beginning in the Book of Acts and throughout in the Bible, these believers give up comforts and convenience, sometimes their lives, for our Lord’s cause.

Are you a Christian because it’s right or because it’s convenient?

Last modified Jan. 19, 2011