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Hope in the Heartland

Peas in heaven?

Pastor, Gracepoint church

My parents tried this line on me: “You should be thankful for those peas. There are hungry children around the world who would be happy to eat them.”

Inspirational. So I volunteered to ship the disgusting item directly to those less fortunate but apparently more grateful youngsters.

Was my benevolent proposition ever met with sparkling appreciation? Nope, nary a gleam of parental pride followed my generous offer. And never once did they produce an address to which I could forward the uneaten peas on my plate.

To this very day, I find it hard to be grateful for peas. But since I’m a parent with young, impressionable children, I’m reminded — by my wife — that if I approach something like peas with a grimace and a snippy monologue about how the little, green yucky balls should be kicked out of the food pyramid, my children might develop a similar bad attitude.

Attitude affects gratitude. And gratitude is a commitment, not an emotion. It should be standard equipment in the heart of a believer because it is based on the unchangeable fact that God has brought hope through Jesus Christ. Thankfulness should color our lives here because it will be the constant refrain from our lips when we reach heaven — even if there are peas there.

Thanksgiving Day gives us the chance to practice for eternity. Is thankfulness a regular part of your life?

Last modified Nov. 23, 2010