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Hope in the Heartland

Pastor, Gracepoint church

Jesus is coming again.

When many people see or hear a declaration like this one, they roll their eyes and their mind goes neutral.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” they think.

They’ve repeatedly heard that apocalyptic message from people ranging from normal, seemingly rational believers who reason from scripture to wild-eyed, sign-wearing “prophets” who claim to have deciphered the exact moment that Jesus Christ will return.

In the discussions that take place regarding the second coming of Jesus, sincere believers often cast suspicious glances at one another and wonder out loud why so-and-so can’t see the unmistakable handwriting on the wall — which coincidently just happens to support their particular end-time understanding.

By the way, yes, I do have an opinion of our Lord Jesus Christ, but get ready for a shocker — I have Christian friends who do not see it exactly the way I do. I’ve told them that I love them and that I support their right to an opinion. However, and most importantly, we agree on the one undeniable truth that marinates the pages of the Bible and it is this: Jesus is coming again and the consequences of His return will affect everyone and everything.

Will you be ready?

Last modified Nov. 18, 2010