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Hope in the Heartland

A tale of two sons concludes

Pastor, Peabody Bible Church

The father ordered servants to bring a robe, sandals, and a ring for his son, and then joyfully escorted him into the house as servants prepared a celebration with the finest music and the choicest foods. The son had never seen his father happier.

“My son was lost, but now he is found. My son is back.”

The father’s words of grace and mercy, like a beautiful sunrise at dawn, promised newness and hope.

Suddenly a servant quickly walked up to the father and whispered something, causing a look of pain to flash in the father’s eyes. Then the father hurried out of the room.

The younger son motioned for the servant that had just spoken to his father to come over to him. When he did the younger son asked, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s your brother. He refuses to come and celebrate. I’m afraid he’s very angry.”

Stinging from his brother’s rejection, the younger son walked over to the window, and heard his older brother snarling his angry words to their father outside. He was furious that the father would treat the younger son with such graciousness after what he’d done. The young man noticed that his brother didn’t even want to call him “brother”.

“You’ve never treated me this way,” the older brother shouted.

“Everything that I have has always been here for you,” the father calmly replied.

“Why rejoice, now?”

The father’s words settled the issue. “Your brother, who was as good as dead, has come back. We will celebrate.”

Last modified July 29, 2010