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Hope in the Heartland

Pastor, Gracepoint church

As far as many children in America are concerned, Mother Goose is more relevant than Father God.

It happens when the Bible’s historical accounts are taught as “cute little stories,” complete with comic strip characters. It happens when our children are taught Bible history that has been revised from fact to fable.

When events recorded in the Bible are dismissed as stories that make for good reading “but didn’t really happen,” the great deeds of God are lowered to the level of myths and fairytales.

Our children are often exposed to a system that intentionally expels the Bible from the room when a discussion about real life, real-time world history is about to begin. This is done in the name of “tolerance” — which usually means that anything but the Bible is invited to the discussion.

We Christian parents need to communicate to our children the conviction that the Bible is true and accurate history. Christian leaders need to make sure those teaching our children in Sunday school and church actually believe that the Bible is true history, not a collection of superstitions and nursery rhymes.

God has dealt with mankind in the context of literal times, places, and events. He made sure those actual events that we needed to know have been preserved in His book called the Bible. And someday we are all going to meet the author.

Oh, and that’s a matter of literal history, too.

Last modified Oct. 6, 2010