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Hope in the Heartland

Something bigger than you

Pastor, Gracepoint church

The church will take a healthy step forward in 2011, if believers exchange their entitlement mentality for a heart of loyalty. In other words, we commit ourselves to supporting our local church simply because it is the right thing to do. When we release our assumed right to be entertained and take hold of our individual call to serve, then the Body of Christ can be everything that God intended.

Are you committed to the church?

Ours is the age of “what’s-in-it-for-me” thinking. So many believers are trapped in the idea that everything in the order of service should make them feel entertained. Isn’t that the purpose of church? Isn’t the church supposed to do for us?


We are part of something much bigger than we are. In that surrender of self, we find fulfillment.

In 2011, I challenge you to take a fresh approach to how you view the local church you attend — or perhaps the one you used to attend. Dismiss the unrealistic demand for perfection. Toss aside the “menu mentality” that causes you to think that you pay for entertainment.

Instead, remind yourself that you are part of something bigger than you are. You do not lose your individuality as part of a congregation but you do learn that the only individual that deserves the right to be the center of attention is Jesus.

Serve for His sake.

Last modified Dec. 29, 2010