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Honor Roll Area Schools

Area schools released these honor rolls this week. Grade-point averages are on a scale of all A’s being 4.00

Peabody-Burns High School
2nd quarter

3.5 GPA and above

Seniors — Maxwell Caldwell, Yi-zhen Chen, Tyler Entz, Sydney Hodges, Breanna Lett, Ronald Perrymore, Tori Pickens, and Taylor Wallace.

Juniors — Aubrey Craig, Catie Black, Morgan Gaines, Adriana Newman, Lexi Schreiber, Caleb VanCuren, and Tanner Wedd.

Sophomores — Gavin Andres, Kaete Johnson, Brenton Lett, and Sarah Spencer.

Freshmen — Alex Caldwell, Jake Partridge, Noal Reynolds, Thomas Smith, Clay Tracy, and Philip Young.

8th grade — Alexis Davis, Lukas Spencer, and Alex Young.

7th grade — Cadence Craig, Roselynn Moore, Jace Newman, and Stacy Sattler.

6th grade — Madelynn Blythe, Cade Gossen, and Christopher Spencer.

3.0 to 3.49 GPA

Seniors — Michael Peugh and Nicole Williams.

Juniors — Christopher Bedford, Mone Fritz, Thomas Page, and Jess Philpott.

Sophomores — Madyson Foth and Jasper Talkington.

Freshmen — Kalea Craig and Skylre Stucky.

8th grade — Sophie Coover, Adrian Groff, and Danielle Pease.

7th grade — Aurdry Bowlin

6th grade — Avelle Bonfoh, Leyton Coover, Angelina Fistler, and Alex Marshall.

Last modified Jan. 31, 2019