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County schools released these second-quarter honors rolls this week. Grade-point averages of 4.000 mean all A’s and 3.000 mean all B’s.


High Honors

6th Grade — SiouxAna Armstead, Kenzlie Brewer, Mia Campbell, Cali Hendricks, Zeke Janzen, Nevaeh Jones, Mariella Koehn, Trey Kraus, Clementine Madgwick, Jymer Raymer, Trenton Sprowls, Miles Tajchman, and Allyson Vogel, 4.000; Tripp Holloway, 3.9286; Lanie Branson, Madison Creevan, Anani Ensley, Allie Harshman, Carlynn Johnson, Evan Klenda, Olivia Smith, and Ryan Tharp, 3.8571; and Carter Darrow, Devlin Kealy, and Wesley Warnica, 3.7857.

7th Grade — Sybil Bowman, Izabell Branson, Alexandra Carlson, Kael Dameron, Hugh Guetterman, Ellie Nelson, Ryker Salsbury, Brylee Smith, and Shelby Summervill, 4.000; Cadence Bialek, 3.9286; Reagan Cooper, Rylee Thomas, Aubrey Whiteman, and Kiersten Wildin, 3.8571; and Haley Suffield, 3.7857.

8th Grade — Margaret Collett, Dylan Kraus, Jessica Methvin, Kaelynn Metro, Jordy Raymer, Eliza Richardson, and Kate Wessel, 4.000; Liran Wasmuth, 3.9286; Delaney Hostetler, Zayden Janzen, Alycia Jones, Hitch Soyez, and Tandice Tajchman, 3.8571; and Ava Box and Cooper Jirak, 3.7857.

Regular Honors

6th Grade — Easton Babcock, Ayden Britton, Makinna Kangas, and Oliver Norris, 3.7143; Landon Hendricks and Landon Levis, 3.6429; Justin Wages, 3.5714; and Obie Hilliard, 3.500.

7th Grade — Dalton Boone 3.6429 Morgan Dixon, Kevon Jones, Ryder Kraus, Brooklynn Ottensmeier, Reese Oursler, Austin Richardson, and Grayson Smith, 3.6429; Caileigh Johnson, 3.5714; and Myles Ash, Sofia Frohlich-Phipps, Jeremiah Nienstedt, Wyatt Ostlee, Alex Pugh, and Emma-Jean Werdann, 3.5.

8th Grade — Teegan Kraus and Isaac Wesner, 3.7143; Noah Schmidt, 3.6429; Jeremy Vogel, 3.5714; and Mason Samuels, 3.500.

Honorable Mention

6th Grade — Avery Tyler, 3.2857; Hagen Gardner and Kalebh Rivera, 3.2143; Braelyn Lorance, 3.1429; and Gizelle Ramirez, 3.000.

7th Grade — Kayleigh Pacelli and Trianna Sultaire-Stevens, 3.4286, and Brooklyn Beery, 3.2143.

8th Grade — Jackson Howard and Tripp Peterson, 3.4286; Maddison Beery, Vyolett Dawson, Kaden Smith, Carson Watts, and Cheyenne Wilson, 3.3571; Christian Pacelli, 3.2143; Colt Smith, 3.1429; Benjamin Becker and Titus Mason, 3.0714; and Jacob Tharp and Leroy Wessel, 3.000.

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