HOPE IN THE HEARTLAND:   Holding up your end

Gracepoint Church, Peabody

It was somewhere between Kansas City and Chicago. I made a deal with God a few thousand feet above the ground. If I recall, I was holding a sack in my hand at the time. My stomach churned and a sweat had broken out on my forehead. I’m sure had I staggered to the 737’s phone booth-sized bathroom and peered in the mirror, I’d have seen a green-faced young man.

But I stayed in my seat and told God that if He would get me safely to the ground before I got sick, I’d never fly again. He did. I haven’t.

Looking back on that “deal” it sure does seem that there wasn’t much in it for God. Isn’t that the way we are sometimes. We ask God for things … make deals for our own rescue from various circumstances. But do we always keep our end of the bargain?

Have you ever been in a bad situation and called out to God. “God, if you just help me with this problem, I’ll start going back to church?”

Have you lived up to the deal yet?