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Hodson explains decision to close medical practice

Marion Family Physicians

It is with mixed emotion that I announce the end of my practice of medicine in Marion.

I came here 32 years ago as a young physician and have become very ingrained in the community. I have made friends of many of my patients and made patients of many of my friends. I have seen five physician partners come and go, several mid-level providers come and go, and have felt both obligated and lucky to be the one who was here long-term for the health care of our community.

The past several years I have been unable to obtain a practice partner, and even with the very competent assistance of Karen Wheeler, have been unable to find a way to enjoy many of the things in life I have been putting off for years.

A medical practice cannot survive more than a few days without the presence of a physician in charge, and thus I have been tied down and unable to complete my goals outside of medicine such as mission trips, time with family and grandchildren, pursuing nonmedical interests, travel, etc. I have reached the age that putting these things off until “retirement” is unwise and a poor option.

That said, I am not retiring or leaving Marion, but will be doing part-time work filling temporary emergency coverage or short-term practice coverage for those like myself seeking time off.

My last day of practice here will likely be in August, and I will do everything in my power to find providers to fill my absence. That will include those providers already here in Marion, and of course providers who have yet to come.

I am working with St. Luke Hospital and its governing board to transition the clinic to St. Luke’s ownership so it will remain open. Please be patient and work with us in the coming months to fill your health care needs so your health care can remain here in Marion and support our local hospital.

St. Luke Hospital’s survival is vital for the health care of Marion County and the 100 or more jobs it provides to our community. Please consider using one of the Marion providers or one of the yet-to-be-hired providers who will be available to you in the near future.

Lastly, I truly want to thank all of you who have been my supporters for all of these years. Marion is a great place to live.

Last modified Feb. 20, 2014