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police reports

July 11: Officers checked on a commercial alarm in Industrial Park. A report of a stolen vehicle was checked; the vehicle had been repossessed. Assistance was given with a vagrant person.

July 12: A suspicious vehicle was checked and a minor vehicle accident was investigated. A trespassing complaint was checked. Officers recovered stolen property and returned it to the owner. A stolen bicycle was reported.

July 13: Officers administered a breath test for child custody purposes. A report of a reckless driver was given. Suspicious activity was checked.

July 14: Officers received a report of a strange odor in Hillsboro Heights and located three individuals smoking marijuana, which was seized; charges are pending. A traffic complaint was made. Attempts were made to serve two arrest warrants. A report was made of a reckless driver. Several suspicious activities downtown were checked.

July 15: Suspicious activity was checked. A resident reported a chainsaw was stolen; it was later located and had not been stolen. An individual made a report that unknown persons had scratched letters into the paint of a vehicle; it was not known if the incident had occurred in Hillsboro, Marion, or Newton.

July 16: Assistance was given to a sheriff’s deputy with a complaint. A dog bite complaint was received. Officers checked on a complaint of someone placing lawn clippings in the street. A parking complaint and an abandoned vehicle were checked. Council packets were delivered. A report of a possible drunken driver was checked.

July 17: Officers checked on a 911 hang-up call. A parking complaint was checked. Two dog complaints were made.

July 18: A theft report was filed. Officers checked reports of that were out.

July 19: A 911 hang-up call and a traffic complaint were checked. Officers responded to a domestic disturbance and a civil dispute over property.

July 20: Assistance was given to a motorist and residence reporting a loose bird. Two individuals reported that unknown persons had entered their vehicles but nothing was missing. Unknown persons forced entry to a downtown restaurant and removed cash and alcohol. A dog complaint was checked. Assistance was given to Valley Center police with an investigation. An individual reported a theft and forgery of several personal checks. An arrest was made during a traffic stop; the individual had an outstanding warrant. A power outage was reported.

July 21: Reports of two vehicles being entered were taken; a set of keys and $2 was removed from the vehicles. A dog complaint was checked. Officers attended safety training. Response was given to a minor traffic accident. A domestic dispute was reported. A breath test was administered for child custody purposes. A stalking complaint, 911 hang up, and an abandoned vehicle were checked. Officers began targeting areas with high criminal activity and have been assigned to foot patrol during the late night and early morning hours. Numerous suspicious persons and activities have been investigated and officers have identified several people in violation of curfew and probation terms.

Thursday: A report was made of a magazine salesperson going door to door without a permit. A computer trespass complaint and a civil property dispute were filed. The K-9 unit searched a vehicle and checked several people for suspicious activity.

Friday: Several warnings were issued for J-turns in the downtown area. Assistance was given to a motorist and with a medical emergency at Marion Reservoir. Individuals were fingerprinted for employment. An emergency message was delivered to Hillsboro Community Hospital. A curfew violation citation was given in Memorial Park. A burglary report was made. A laptop and two iPods were stolen.

Saturday: Assistance was given to Marion Police Department with an investigation, and traffic control at a detour, and to Kansas Highway Patrol with a drunken driver. An aircraft was fueled at the airport.

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