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Hillsboro Elementary School

How are your reindeer are they sick or healthy? How are you? Some people at school don’t believe in you but I do. I always like what you get me. I loved the TV and Skylanders was awesome! This year I want a 3DS, Super Mario Bros. 2, and a new football.

Your friend,
Camden Padett

How’s the weather at the North Pole? I would like the movie “Dora” for Christmas. Another thing I would like is a necklace. I would like also a Barbie Notebook. One last thing is the game Candyland. Thank you Santa.

Jenna Unruh

I am looking forward to Christmas. I do not have a chimney. Could you come through the door? Is Rudolph’s nose still glowing? I would like a McKenna American Girl doll and a volleyball.

Katie Rempel

I hope nothing happens to you, your elves, or your reindeer. Three things I want for Christmas are a camera, a memo chip, and a Lego City plane. I hope you are safe and you have fun.

Merry Christmas,
Joshua Diener

How have you been? I have been good. How are your reindeer and elves? For Christmas I would like Littlest Pet Shops, fair books, and one American Girl doll.

Tanner Plett

How do you fit down the chimney. Are your elves sick? What is the weather like? Some of my friends don’t believe in you but I do. May I have a phone and a Doctor Mommy doll, iPad, and candy.

Sammy Phillips

How do you Fly? I want Legos.

Your friend,
Tyson Plenert

How are you and the elves and reindeer? I bet it gets pretty cold out in the North Pole. What are all your names in other countries? So, Santa, are you real? Just kidding, ha ha! Here are a few things I want. A pocket knife, a few arrows for my bow, and an Easy Bake Oven.

Karley Loewen

Is one of your elves sick? I hope not. Reindeer are awesome! Well, I want a pocket knife. Or an iPod with a bag. You don’t have to give me it. I just need what I have.

Ella Suderman

How are you doing? Of course I’m good. What’s your favorite cookie? Mine is sugar cookies. Now for Christmas, I would like a glow book, iPod Touch, an Easy Bake Oven, puppy, paint, the movie “Wreck it Ralph.” One last thing, a locket with my parents picture inside.

Your friend,
Kori Arnold

Have a good day Santa. I want an eraser and a DS game and a DSI game.

Your friend,
Lyle Fickes

Are your elves OK? I want a 3DSI and I want new super Mario Bros. 2 and I want Skylanders Giants for 3DSI. How are your reindeer doing?

Your friend,
Alan Torres

What are your favorite cookies? I want Star Wars Legos, a golden yellow soccer ball, and a football.

Your friend,
Wenxi Funk

Are you real? Will you come to my house and hand out presents? I would like a BB gun and BB’s. I would also like a Nerf gun.

Your friend,
Canyon Goekler

I’ll leave you some cookies! Can you leave a reindeer and a bag of magic for the reindeer, Kindle Fire, PSP, castle/pink, games for the PSP.

Your friend,
Hali Rivir Koehn

This is Emma. I live in the State of Kansas. And the town I live in is Hillsboro. What I want for Christmas is a horse and an iPod. Do you have to put an engine in your sleigh or do the reindeer just pull it? Well, be safe when you fly to my house.

Once again, love:
Emma Noble

Have I been good this year? I only want three things this year. A real pony, a new soccer ball, and a rope. I hope you know that my family is going to my Aunt’s house this year so don’t forget that. Bye.

Alana Rose Suderman

I promise to be good on Christmas Eve. And I want a popcake maker, a Rapstar microphone, colors for bath, and the Playmobil car. And I live in a big house. And I live in the country with a rock road and a dirt road.

Merry Christmas,
Moriah Jost

How are you and Mrs. Claus getting along? I would like a Nintendo 3DS XL, four-wheel drive remote control truck, and a new game.

Good bye Santa,
Deon Weeks

Santa Claus have I been good? I want a DS, Wii, bike, candy, and if you have any Cardinal stuff. Thanks and I hope you have enough snow.

Paige Gore

I live at Birch Street, 107. Santa, I would like Lord of the Rings for Wii and I would like cowboy boots.

Bryant Dalke

I want a Barbie house please. I am going to make you cookies. Three cookies. You are the best Santa in the whole world.

Montana Brinson

I want a pair of hunting boots and I want a toy train to go around my Christmas tree and I hope you have enough snow to land your sled.

Jacob Thiessen

Hello! I want a big pickup truck with six large mufflers. I’ve been good. I do good at school and at the library. Do you ever give people grapes and food? Can I have a BB gun?

Jeremiah Coates

Greetings Santa Claus. I would like a 20 gauge shotgun and 12 gauge shotgun. I will need amo with it.

Cade Goekler

I live in a light green house in Kansas and the town I live in is Hillsboro. My name is Makenna. My age is 8. For Christmas I want American Girl doll McKenna, accessories, crafts, and acamera. Hope you have a great trip.

Makenna Reed

You are really fun but all I want for Christmas is a Nerf gun, a real boat outside, and a pet lizard, and a cage for my lizard.

Pedro Nieto

How are you doing? I want a puppy and a Star Wars Lego set. I hope you have a nice flight.

Chance Penner

How is Rudolph? Is he having a good time? I want to have a phone and a book. I have cookies and milk.

Jenna Jo Friesen

How is Rudolph doing? For Christmas I want a dolly and a cat. Have a great year.

Your friend,
Alyssa Young

Are you having a great year? Can you tell Mrs. Claus I said hi? For Christmas I want Stompies, a phone, and a robe. I hope you eat your cookies and drink your milk.

Piper Hamilton

I hope you are having a great year. I would like a book, journal, and crayons. I hope you have a good flight.

Your friend,
Tylee Miller

How’s Rudolph? I want a huge bouncy house, some makeup, and a race car that I can drive. Have a great year.

K’Myia Cox

I like your beard. I want Batman 2 and Skylanders Giants. Have a great year.

Your friend,
Connor Padgett

Wish you have a great year. What I want for Christmas is a DS game and an iPod touch please. How’s Rudolph doing?

Your friend,
Delaney Lucero

Are you having a great year? I want a Dream Castle, a scooter, and one more thing that I want, Barbie’s too. Say hi to Mrs. Claus.

Ashlynn Larabee

How is Rudolph? I want headphones and a Xbox. Hope you have a great Christmas.

Brekyn Ratzlaff

I hope you are having a great time putting the presents under the trees! And what I want for Christmas is a Wii and a K-State Play Station controller. I will leave you some cookies and milk.

Your friend,
Josh Siebert

I hope you have a good flight on the way. I want a robot that is remote control! I will leave you cookies and milk.

Santiago Schafers

I hope Rudoph’s nose is bright enough to fly. I want a stuffed Rudolph, a puppy, a toy of you, a toy sleigh and a toy Rudolph. I will leave you cookies and milk.

Anthony Nieto

How is the North Pole? For Christmas I want a new puppy, a new family car, and a stuffed animal. Santa, I love you and hope you come soon.

Josh Horton

How are you doing? I want a Barbie, clothes, and shoes. Have a nice flight.

Isabell Jones

Can I have a Gleaner combine? If you do I’ll give you some milk and cookies. And Legos and a semi truck and a trailer, please. I’ll give you plenty of milk and cookies.

Zachary Denholm

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