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Here is what I hope for you

As my not-so-famous mother often says, “There is lots of unhappiness in this old world.” Mother is 94, soon to be 95, and we usually think that just about anything she says qualifies for a counted cross-stitch wall hanging or a bumper sticker. I often think someone ought to follow her around with a notebook jotting down her comments.

She is pretty smart because you get to be that way after so many years.

And she is right about the “… unhappiness in this old world.” It is always there. There always are the rough parts, the bad days, the sorrow and pain. Some people truly have issues and problems that defy logic; those things that make you wonder, “Why did that happen?”

As we approach the annual holiday season there always is a segment of the population that becomes less and less happy. No matter what their faith, traditions, family dynamics, or culture, there is a lingering lack of joy.

I ran into one of those people the other day. She didn’t think I ought to include letters to Santa in the paper. She thought they just exhibited greed and lack of parental control. She chewed on me for several minutes about continuing the practice. Said they (the kids) would never learn (I am not sure what she wanted them to learn) if I just kept giving them the space to be greedy.

Well, harrumph!! Lumps of coal all around.

The exchange just emphasized the fact that my mom is still sharp and there IS “… lots of unhappiness in this old world.” I have no idea how to make life better for that lady. She may simply be one of those people who is not happy unless she is unhappy.

For the rest of you, my wish is that you enjoy the fact that you have lived to see another holiday season. I hope you enjoy the light of anticipation in a child’s eyes. May you have abiding faith, a warm and loving family, peace, and a full heart.

Take some happiness from “… this old world.”

— Susan Marshal

Last modified Nov. 26, 2008