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Help needed; willing to make a deal

Staff writer

If a lawyer wanted to set up shop in Marion, longtime Marion lawyer Bob Brookens would make him or her a great deal.

At 73, with 45 years practicing law in Marion, Brookens would like to have more time to be home.

He’d also like to stop having to turn clients away because he no longer can take care of their legal needs in a timely manner.

A partner would ease the load for Brookens and better serve his clients.

He would ease start-up costs for the partner by eventually giving the partner his building and all equipment — once he was confident the other lawyer would commit to Marion.

When Brookens started practicing in Marion, he joined a firm that included Dean Batt and Roger Morse.

That firm has had 13 other lawyers during Brookens’ tenure. Keith Collett, Courtney Boehm, and Susan Robson are now judges. Josh Boehm now lives in Junction City.

Other lawyers briefly worked in the firm.

No matter how many lawyers worked there at a time, there always was plenty of work to keep them busy.

“Four were busy,” Brookens said. “Three were busy. Two were busy. I’m more than busy.”

Brookens has been in solo practice since November 2021. Only two lawyers work full-time in Marion — Brookens and county attorney Joel Ensey.

Chris Costello also operates Tampa State Bank, and Brian Bina’s primary office is in McPherson.

Most attorneys in small towns don’t see one another as competition because there are so few of them, Brookens said.

Having enough lawyers in town allows for each to focus on aspects of law he or she enjoys.

Brookens no longer does income taxes. When Susan Robson worked as an attorney, she enjoyed doing taxes.

Brookens closed his Hillsboro office in January because it no longer made sense to keep it open.

Last modified March 2, 2023