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Heading back to school

By the time you pick up this paper another school year will have started. I went to the high school the other day to get information about our new teachers and take their pictures. Several of them are much younger than my own children. They look like they are 16. However, they gave good answers on the questionnaires I passed out and they were enthusiastic about getting started. I expect they will do a great job.

Haven’t I been harping in this space for several years about wishing the younger generation would step up and take charge in some of the important capacities in our community? I think these young teachers are fired up and ready to do so. We should support their efforts.

Since I am in preaching mode here, I might add that it would be great if those of you who are parents of USD 398 students would also make an effort to be a part of what goes on in our schools. Volunteers are appreciated everywhere and the school system is no different. Talk with your child’s teacher and find out what you can do to help. There are events that take place all year in both attendance centers that could use you. Coming up soon at Peabody-Burns Elementary School is the annual grandparent’s lunch. If you do not have grandchildren in our school system, don’t worry. The district wants you on board anyway! Apparently we have many students whose grandparents are not close enough to attend. Those students would love to have lunch with some adopted grandparents. Call the elementary school to find out the details.

As long as we are on the topic of doing right by our school children, I would like to share with you an anti-bullying message that is making the rounds these days on the social media. This message was shared with me by a friend of the Married Daughter. She is now the grandmother of an elementary student. I featured this same plea several years ago when it came to me from a former high school friend. Since bullying issues still seem to be with us, I thought I would run it again.

The communication reads, “This is a special request to all you kids returning to school in August. If you see someone who is struggling to make friends or being bullied because he/she doesn’t have many friends or because they are shy or not as pretty or not dressed in the most ‘in’ clothes – PLEASE step up! Say hi or at least smile at them in the hallway. You never know what that person might be feeling outside of school. Your kindness might just make a BIG difference in someone’s life!”

This week a new school year begins. Wouldn’t it be great if every student in every class felt safe and secure and accepted? Perhaps sharing the above request with your child or grandchild would help all USD 398 students be a friend to others. Imagine that!


Last modified Aug. 20, 2014