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Having wheels doesn't make it road worthy

Peabody Police Chief Bruce Burke has announced that certain means of conveyance will no longer be allowed on Peabody streets. During his research into whether or not an electric scooter owned by Tracy Kemper is actually a scooter or a motorized skateboard, Burke received more detailed information from the state about what can and cannot be driven on city streets.

“This is a general reminder to the public,” Burke said. “Golf carts, micro-trucks, work site utility trucks, and all-terrain vehicles are prohibited from being on city streets as a means of transportation. We will ticket individuals using these items on city streets.

“We will allow such vehicles to be used for special occasions or events such as the July Fourth parade or to provide a way to maneuver through large groups of people like we had for the World War II event during the Memorial Day Weekend,” he added. “But even then citizens wanting to make use of one of the listed vehicles need to come to the police department and get permission in advance of the event.”

The decision to ban such vehicles from state traffic-ways was made at the state level. No municipality may write an ordinance that is less restrictive than the state law, although a municipality may write an ordinance that is more restrictive than state law.

A decision has not yet been made in regard to Kemper’s scooter.

Last modified Aug. 6, 2008