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Harms Plainview Ranch ranks ninth in state

Harms Plainview Ranch of Lincolnville ranks ninth on the American Angus Association’s list of the state’s largest Angus beef cattle producers, but owner Mark Harms isn’t as concerned about size as he is meeting the needs of his buyers.

“I don’t care where we rank so much,” Harms said. “We keep the number of animals we feel will serve their purpose in the industry. Last year we marketed 240 bulls, and that would be a record high for us. It’s been growing from Year One.”

Harms focuses on breeding animals with diverse genetic characteristics that will meet specific demands of individual buyers, while improving the overall quality of the breed.

“Whether they’re in Kansas or a different state, we do our best to understand what they’re looking for,” Harms said. “Not all are going to fit the criteria a particular operation is looking for. If I do a good job of listening and they give the correct answers, I can do a good job of pulling the right ones for success.”

Harms could have a larger Angus herd, but the ranch has diversified to offer Red Angus and Charolais breeds.

“Far and away black Angus is our predominant breed, and that’s simply a function of demand,” Harms said. “We’ve tried to broaden our customer base by offering other breeds.”

The cost and availability of production resources serve to limit herd size, Harms said.

“These all take resources — land, grass, feed — there’s a lot that goes into what you’re going to maintain, and there’s not an infinite supply,” Harms said.

Last modified Oct. 16, 2014