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Halfway done, budget on pace for no tax hike

Staff writer

Administrator Shane Marler reviewed proposals for portions of the 2014 city budget with Peabody City Council members Monday evening.

“The ad valorum tax didn’t change much,” Marler said. “That means no big increase in what we can spend, but it also means we won’t have to make huge cuts. Essentially, the city will need to provide the same services to the community for about the same amount of money as we did in 2013. The goal is to keep the mill levy the same, not let it go up.”

Budgeted amounts for the seven funds Marler reviewed will be $575 less than for 2013.

“That size savings is pretty much a wash,” he said. “But the expenses for these funds won’t create a tax increase.”

He encouraged council members to review the proposed budget on their own.

“Look it over and call me if you have questions or if there is something you don’t understand,” he said.

The next budget meeting will be at 6 p.m. Monday when Marler will review remaining funds — special law and fire, special highway, special utilities, special parks and recreation, economic development, transfer funds, and capital improvement.

For more information, contact Marler at (620) 983-2174.

Last modified July 17, 2013