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Hair today, gone to support

Staff writer

Red Moore, 55, has a strange look these days. In support of her daughter Jessica Moore, 31, and her good friend Cynthia Barrett, 57, she has shaved her head.

Jessica was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer last year and Cynthia with stage three this year.

“I decided to shave my head, and go through this with them to know they are not alone,” she said.

Her hair used to be 19 inches long in a braid before she cut it off on June 9. It weighed around 2 pounds. She plans to donate it to Wigs for Kids or Lock of Love. According to Red, this was her first drastic haircut.

“I’ve had my hair cut. It’s been long all my life. It felt weird at first, but with the hot weather I’m glad it’s gone,” she said.

Jessica is undergoing breast reconstruction after a double mastectomy. She has completed her chemotherapy, and doctors are hopeful she will be cancer free.

“Jessica doesn’t have to go through radiation, and her hair is growing back,” Red said. “Cynthia will be done with chemo in November, and then she will go through radiation. Doctors are hopeful she will have a good diagnosis as well.”

Red is glad the two remain positive and have lots of support. She said her haircut gets weird looks, but most people in the area know the reason behind it.

“Some people think I have cancer and I have to explain,” Red said. “Here, most everyone knows. I think I have the whole state praying for them.”

Both Red and her daughter were worried about what younger family members would think of their new “do.” Between Red’s three daughters, she has eight grand kids ranging from age 8 to 20 months.

“Jessica’s youngest was 4 years old at the time. After she explained she was going to lose her hair, he said, ‘Mommy, you mean you’re going to be a boy?’” Red said. “The other ones get it. The youngest loves to run his fingers through my stubble.”

Red said she was not nervous about shaving her head for a cause close to her heart. Two of Red’s brothers died of brain cancer.

“We have tons of support,” she said. “We also plan to walk in the Relay for Life in both Marion and Kansas City.”

Red hopes Cynthia receives positive news soon. In the mean time, Jessica and Cynthia continue to update people on Facebook and keep praying.

“We just have to stay positive,” Red said.

Last modified June 19, 2013