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Guess what I want you to do in 2016?

Since we are safely into the New Year, I suspect that my six regular readers and a few others out there all have made 2016 resolutions and have not forgotten them already. I hope everyone reading this column made a resolution or two to look after troublesome health issues. In fact, there are a couple I would like to mention.

First is smoking. Kick it. Yes, quitting is hard. It will make you edgy and cranky. So what? Most smokers are edgy and cranky anyway. I will say again — probably for the hundredth time in this space — if I could do it, you can do it. I was a 37½-year smoker, but it has been 12 years since I drew that junk into my lungs. One day at a time. Really, you can do it, you should, and you will be glad you did.

The second thing you should address this year is your colon. Well, of course I do not mean you should address it literally. I mean you should address the issue of colon awareness, especially if you older than 50 or have an idea that the darn thing is not functioning as it should.

A colonoscopy will make you more cranky and edgy than quitting smoking, but only for the better part of a day. I am proud to say I completed my second colonoscopy event in December. It was my Christmas present to myself. I got a good report and now I can think about other things.

But wait! There is another part to this that I want to share. Since launching into this topic following my first colonoscopy, many of you have told me that you decided to address your own colon issues after reading my comments. That was great — it is one of the best things about this job. I am proud of each of you who took the initiative, contacted your doctor, and had the test. Yes, the prep was awful. I agree and guess what? It has not gotten any better. However, it also is the worst part. You will not know about any of the rest and your recovery will likely be faster than you can imagine.

I do appreciate those of you who got the test because I nagged at you and I appreciate you letting me know that my column gave you the push to get it done. To the rest of you, it is a new year with new issues for all of us to face. Do something good for your health.

To my six regular readers, I know your names, and I am going to check up on you, guaranteed.

—susan marshall

Last modified Jan. 13, 2016