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Group travels over 7,000 'milos' to visit feed provider

More than a dozen sorghum buyers from China visited Countryside Feed in Hillsboro last week.

The visitors, who arrived in the U.S. for a U.S. Grain Council tour on June 19, will tour mills in Kansas, Texas, and Louisiana before heading home today.

The group was very inquisitive, quality manager Thomas Stoppel said.

“Their big thing is quality of grain that they get there,” Stoppel said. “They wanted to see how we handled it, received it, and processed it.”

Stoppel wasn’t certain they receive similar quality of grain.

“I think by the time it gets handled, it loses the quality of the product as it goes on,” he said.

Stoppel said the group was gracious, and very polite.

“We hope they took away the importance of quality control which is what we stress at Countryside,” he said. “Good grain in is good grain out.”

Last modified June 30, 2016