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Great Kansas coverage

I don’t have any idea how many of you newspaper readers also take part in social media such as Facebook. I am on Facebook and check my page once or twice a day, but I often feel overwhelmed by some of the options available there. I don’t sign up for games, and I don’t list all my favorite things in all possible categories.

I have enjoyed renewing some former high school and college friendships. I like following the Daughters and their friends, many of whom spent lots of time with us — from kindergarten to college. I enjoy seeing pictures of the offspring of that bunch of kids and finding out how things are going. It is fun to reminisce about their younger years and post the occasional picture of those days.

Now that my mother and most of her siblings have died, many of us in the cousin generation share Facebook pages to keep in touch the way our parents used to in letters and phone calls. I have cousins in Guam, Washington, Massachusetts, Louisiana, California, Arkansas, and Mississippi. I can send them a message or photograph in a matter of seconds.

Facebook connects us with people we enjoy and links we can appreciate.

My most recent trip to my Facebook page showed a link to a site called “Green Landscapes.” I am not familiar with the site, but it seems to be an Internet presence, not a printed publication like a magazine or newspaper. I was not able to figure out just who the force is behind Green Landscapes, but it seemed to be focused on — guess what? That is right, green living and all it encompasses.

The link to the page was sent to me by the Youngest Daughter after it was shared with her on Facebook by a friend in Marion. The topic on this Green Landscapes page was “The top seven places to watch sunsets.” The picture accompanying the title was from San Esteben on the Gulf of California and it was gorgeous.

However, here is the best part. These are the rest of the top seven places in the world to view incredible sunsets. Finland made the list, and French Polynesia, Santorini Island in Greece, a beach in Cambodia, and Phoenix Island in the Republic of Kiribati. Are you keeping count? Those are six of the top places in the world to view a beautiful sunset. Number seven? The Flint Hills of Kansas.

So how about that? I looked for credits to see who might have made the choices, but there didn’t seem to be any names. I am betting that it is someone with Flint Hills ties, but that is okay. We could just as easily have been picked by someone from the Republic of Kiribati!

I am going to chalk this up to great Internet coverage of our beautiful state. Yes, to some people Kansas is an acquired taste. But someone got this one right — it REALLY is a spot for great sunsets! As the Youngest Daughter posted beneath the Green Landscapes link, “Hey look! Our backyard made the cut. People who say Kansas is ugly or boring obviously don’t know where to look.”


Last modified Jan. 29, 2014