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Great-grandmother relocates to help college students

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When Kay Lindsey of Arboles, Colo., found out her granddaughter Whitney Frise of Marion and her husband, Max, were expecting their first child, she was unsure what the future would hold.

Both Frises were expecting to graduate in May from Tabor College, but Whitney Frise was considering taking a break from college to take care of the baby, Grayson Wayne Frise, who was born Jan. 7.

Lindsey and her husband, Wayne, talked about whether there was anything they could do. They offered for Kay Lindsey to temporarily relocate to Marion to baby-sit Grayson while his parents were at school and work, and the Frises accepted the offer.

“I go to class from 8 to 1, so it’s a lot of help,” Whitney Frise said Monday. “This way he gets to stay at home instead of getting lugged around the Tabor campus.”

Lindsey is all too happy to help. Grayson is her first great-grandchild and the first boy born in the family in 45 years.

“It’s great,” she said. “You can’t put a price tag on it. I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing.”

Lindsey arrived in Marion on Feb. 6 as her daughter and Frise’s mother, Waynette Polosky, wrapped up a one-month stay. She is staying with Shirley Bowers until Tabor College graduation in May.

She chose to stay with Bowers so the Frises could have their evenings and weekends to themselves. An extra benefit for Lindsey has been having someone who is able to introduce her all over town.

“I enjoy going to church with her,” Lindsey said.

Max Frise will receive his business management degree in May, and Whitney Frise will receive her degree in kindergarten through 12th grade health and physical education with special education and secondary education endorsements.

Lindsey is hoping her husband can make the trip form Arboles for birthdays in April.

“He will be here for graduation for sure,” she said.

Lindsey said people have been friendly and welcoming, but she will be ready to return to her husband of 51 years, to her home, and to the mountains in May.

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