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Thank you, subscribers and businesses, for your continued support of this business and others in town.

Thank you for placing your business advertisements with us, giving us social news about your family’s events, and calling us with news tips.

Thank you for shopping at local stores — run and owned by people we know and trust — even when it is tempting to buy at larger stores 30 or more miles away.

Thank you for picking up trash from city streets, offering to help a stranger, and coming together as a community in times of need.

We often find ourselves looking at life as a half-empty glass of water — complaining about what we don’t have and criticizing what we do have. It’s good to take a minute now and then and be thankful for our gifts.

So, thanks to all who make this town the wonderful community it is. Without your support, this newspaper would not be here, nor would other community-minded businesses.

Let’s continue to work together toward success — that which is measurable and that which is not.

— susan berg

Last modified June 24, 2009