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Gotta love Kansas weather

What a difference a day or a week makes. Remember this time last week? We were still digging out from snowstorms that seemed endless in temperatures that were beyond cold.

Most of us tried to keep close to home, praying water pipes would hold up and the wind wouldn’t snap electrical lines and poles as it had done in the past. Basketball games were postponed in anticipation of more winter weather and dangerously frigid wind chills.

When the latest weather crisis passed, most of us came out unscathed. There were no major accidents or outages.

We did hear reports from residents of water pipes breaking in homes and businesses, causing a mess indeed.

The weather looks pretty good for the next week, with highs in the 40s and lows above the 0-degree mark.


We’re hearing from taxpayers around the county who are concerned about the war in the Middle East, the shortage of money in our school districts and in the state in general, and health care reform.

Some would like to see President Obama concentrate on issues in the U.S. including protecting our borders and bringing home our troops.

Anton Epp of Goessel came by the office last week and shared some of his concerns. He said the Christmas Day attempt to cause an explosion on an American Airline passenger plane was a simple lesson. He was confused when Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano said everyone behaved as they should after the problem occurred. Passengers and airline personnel jumped the terrorist and subdued him until the aircraft safely landed.

Is that what average airplane passengers are expected to do?

Epp also wanted to know how the passenger was able to get past security and board the plane with a bomb.

Good question.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any easy answers or solutions but as Americans, we need to keep asking them.

— susan berg

Last modified Jan. 13, 2010