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Good luck, graduates

This is what most teens dream of and most parents dread — high school graduation.

It’s usually a mixed bag of emotions. Parents want their children to grow up and eventually go out into the world. I believe that God designed teens to drive adults crazy, so when the time comes for the teen to leave home, everyone usually is ready for him or her to go. But even when parents are prepared for the inevitable, it is still difficult.

Graduates, this is a big moment in your life. You will be faced with many decisions. Whatever path you take, remember who you are. Don’t sell yourself short or make hasty decisions that could be detrimental. My mother told me to always trust my gut. I offer you the same advice. If you aren’t sure if you should behave a certain way or whether to accept adult responsibilities, listen to that little voice of reason. It could save your hide.

Come back to visit us. And even though most of you can’t get away from here fast enough, believe it or not you may actually want to move back when you want to raise a family in a safe environment.

No matter where your dreams take you and no matter how far you go from home, remember this community will welcome you home — with open arms.

Good luck and God speed.

— susan berg

Last modified May 11, 2011