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Goessel Second grade

Do you have a good friend? I wish for the world to be good. I wish for my mom to get an iPad.

Your friend,
Samuel Herrel

Do you have a favorite food? For Christmas I want a American Girl Doll that is a cowgirl and a skateboard and a iPod.

Your friend,
Sarah Spurlin

How many elves do you have? And how do you make your sleigh fly? I wish my family can have a good Christmas. I want some girlie Legos and a hot pink bathrobe. And also clay paint.

Your friend,
Ashley Rosfeld

How many miles do you travel? I wish for my family to have a good time for Christmas. I want a toy iPhone.

Your friend,
Kacen Smith

How many elves do you have? I wish that there is peace to the world. I wish that Brandon was my brother.

Your friend,
Patrick Rust

Do you like Christmas? I wish for presents. I wish our class has a good party on Dec. 20.

Your friend,
Jasmine Woelk

Do you like living at the North Pole? I wish the world will stay good. I wish for a Transformer.

Your friend,
Nathan O’Neill

Do you like living at the North Pole? I wish for peace and quiet. I wish for Patrick to be my brother.

Your friend,
Jacob Simington

Are you working hard? I wish the community would pick up more. I wish I could get a skateboard, a jumpstick, a American Girl doll that is a cowgirl, a Dreamlite and PollyWollys and Stompies.

Your friend,
Emma Schroeder

How many elfs do you have? I wish my family will have a good Christmas. What I want for Christmas is a skateboard and an American Girl doll Julie.

Your friend,
Mallory Schroeder

Do you like living at the North Pole? I wish people would have food. I wish for peace in our world. Please give me a toy horse.

Your friend,
Madison Gaddis

What are your elfs names? My wish for the world is that everybody got what they wanted. I want hot wheels.

Your friend,
Travis Stephens

Do you like the reindeer, Santa? I wish for my family to have a family dinner. I want to have a ATV.

Your friend,
Grant Bryant

How many elves to you have? Our family would like to have presents. I would like to have exacator transport.

Your friend,
Jake Wiens

How old are you? I want to have peace in town. I would want and iPod 5, iTunes, arrows, and cool stuff.

Your friend,
Justin Nickel

I wish for a four-wheeler, please. I wish for everyone to know God. How is Rudolph?

Your friend,
Caleb Burkholder

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