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Goessel letters


2nd grade , taught by Ann Hiebert

Dear Santa,

I have 2 pets Sofie and Maggie. What I want for Christmas is a cat. I will poot a picher for You by the cookies. Do you have lots of pets? You can see I like animlals.


Dear Santa,

I would like a Star Wars game and a coat and an Earth globe. Wish list — I wish for a toy monster truck. Question for Santa – How mene elvs do you have?


Dear Santa,

I live in Goessel. I would like to get an electric guitar. Do you have a brother?

Aiden D.

Dear Santa,

I like baseball. I wish for stuff. Santa, How do you go up the chimney?


Dear Santa,

I want to be on the nice list. I live on a farm. I wish for an x-box. Do you have any toys?


Dear Santa,

I want a teleschope for Christmas and a nerf gun color: blue, black, green. I want a puppy. I want a intend D Sora Gameboy. I also want Inside Out movie or Jurassic World. I want a x-Box 360 or an X Box 1.


Dear Santa,

I live in Goessel. I want a remote control Hellakopter. I want a Elsa doll that can spin. How do you make reindeer fly?


Dear Santa,

I’ve never gone camping. I would like bongos, and a electric guitar. How did you meet Mrs. Clause and how did you become Santa Claus?


Dear Santa,

I wounder if you have a pet? I like building and playing with fire crackers. I wooof like tnt firecrackers and building supplies.


Dear Santa,

I want this thing I saw on TV that can go through grass and water. How hard do you work?


Dear Santa,

I like spaghetti. I would like a big trampoline. What is your favorite food?


Dear Santa,

I like baseball. I want a chiefs Hoodie and all of the posters for the Royls. Can Canada reindeer fly?


Dear Santa,

I want a trampoline. I live in Goessel. Do you like red? Sine here _____________.


Dear Santa,

I like to play on the computer. I want to see a picture of Mrs. Claus. Do you like to play on the computer?


Dear Santa,

My favorate color is yellow. My wish list is a swimming pool, sunglasses, and chapstick. What is your favorite thing to do?


Dear Santa,

I love your Raindeer and my wish list is legos, a videogame, nerf guns and big trucks. A question for you. Are you reel?


Dear Santa,

I like markers. I want a hamster. What are your elves names?


Dear Santa,

The thing about me is I like soccer! My wish list is a helakopter. Can I have an elf?


Dear Santa

I like drums. I want EVERYTHING! How do you fit down the chimney without getting stuck?


Dear Santa,

I like Star Wars. I like kilo ren. I like us. I want to know if you are real? I want Kilo’s lightsaber.


Dear Santa,

My fravite food is chicken. I want legos. Do you like the job?

Aidan I.

Dear Santa,

I wish please, please, please, please, please I want to help deliver presints with you. I like helping people. I want to ask that I want an explosive toy that you lite with a fire cracker in it. You like it and run and it shoots out Christmas colors.


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