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GOESSEL: Kindergarten


Taught by Sheri Janzen

Dear Santa,

How do you stay warm with only one layer! The color of my house is black and white. I like to play UNO with my dad. For Christmas, I would like a trampoline like my cousin Aida, a saddle for Strawberry and another toy. Love,


Dear Santa,

How do you go around the world in one night? Santa, I am 5. Also, I really love to play with Legos with my dad. Here are three things I want for Christmas … a police station with a car and a helicopter with lights and sirens and a set of Legos that builds a car. The last thing I want is a toy tow truck. Thanks,


Dear Santa,

Does Santa ride on the sleigh? I have been good at school. I like playing in the gym. I want an electric scooter, an X-Box and a jet pack. Love,


Dear Santa,

Is Rudolph real? I am 5 and I am nice. I want a guitar. I want a drone. I want a jet pack.


Dear Santa,

How did you get your reindeer? I am 5 years old and a boy. What I want for Christmas is an X-Box, a Hoverboard, and a dirt bike. Love.


Dear Santa,

How are you feeling? I am 6 years old. My favorite color is red. May I please have a new bike? Can I also have new shoes? I would also love a new doll. Love,


Dear Santa,

How do you fly your reindeer? I see you a lot. My favorite color is red. I want for Christmas a Blue Paw patrol hopper ball, jet pack, and a drone. Love,


Dear Santa,

What do you wear when it is not Christmas? I like Lion King. I am 5 years old. I want a choo choo train, remote control car, and a Spiderman book.


Dear Santa,

What are all your reindeers’ names? Santa, I am 6 years old. Santa, three things I want for Christmas are: a whole farming set, a Hot Wheel, and a monster truck. Santa, my favorite subject is math. Love,


Dear Santa,

Something I would like to know about is how do you fit down the chimney with your big tummy? Some things you probably don’t know about me is that my favorite color is black. Another thing about me is that my house color is gray. Some things I want for Christmas are: a football, a Nerf gun, and a skateboard. Merry Christmas, Santa! I LOVE YOU!


Dear Santa,

I would like some dolls and doll clothes. I would like some doll accessories. I would like to know, what do you eat for breakfast? I would also like to know how many elves you have. My name is Lakyn and I have four dogs. Love,


Dear Santa,

How do your elves work? My house color is yellow. My favorite color is violet. Santa, will you please, please, please with a cherry on top get me a ukulele for Christmas? Can I please get an alarm clock? And a new bike too, please. Love,


Dear Santa,

Do you have a favorite reindeer? I am 5 years old. I want walkie-talkies, a train, and a sleigh. I like recess best at school. I like bringing the balls to the gym for recess. I also like to play with my baby brother at home. Love,


Dear Santa,

How old are you? I am 6 years old. I am tiny. I would like laser traps, Nerf guns, and a BB gun. I want my dad to have a new truck. Thanks,


Dear Santa,

How are you feeling? My house color is brown and white. And my favorite color is red. Also, I like trains. Three things I want for Christmas are: a van I can drive, a train I can play with, and a house to put my cars in. Love,


Dear Santa,

What are your favorite cookies ... chocolate chip or M&M? I’m 5. I want a trumpet, motorcycle, and a 4-wheeler with a hitch. I like the color wheel in the classroom. I also like to swing outside. I like school. I like to read at school. Love.


Dear Santa,

How many cookies do you eat every year? I am 6 years old and am very nice. I want an electric scooter, MP music player, and a drone for Christmas. Thanks.


Dear Santa,

How do you give all those gifts to everyone? My favorite snack is an ice cream cones. I want a dollhouse, a truck and a new doll. I like playing in my play room. I like math in school. It is very fun. Love,


Dear Santa,

How do reindeer fly? I am 5 years old. I can also run really fast. I would like some Barbies. I would like some blocks. I would like toy cars. Love,


Dear Santa,

How many toys do you make? I am a 5-year-old girl who loves pink. For Christmas I want makeup, Barbie’s Rainbow Mermaid, and a big doll with white hair and accessories. Love.


Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want a watch, a snow globe, and a top. I have a dog and three kitties and I like to play cars with my brother. Do you like to drink milk and eat cookies. What is your favorite kind of cookie? Love,


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